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Vineyards management

- traditional vineyard of Trebbiano layout of 3,200 vines per hectare (1295/acre) , while new plantings have 6.250 vines/hectare (2200/acre), on a 80x200 cm grid;

- south, south- west aspect of the vineyards
- cordone speronato with double lines training method, with fruiting cane pruned 4 buds and renewal
spur to 2 buds

- average yield per vine about 1 kg

- trunk height: 60 cm; canopy height: 160 cm , the vines are treated using copper and sulphur powder, especially during the raining season



Vegetation management

May: manual de-suckering of the trunk and attachment of shoots to trellising.
July: initial foliage hedging.
August: cluster-thinning, if necessary.




- hand-harvesting, in separate passes depending on grape variety, microclimate, and ripening parameters (phenolic, sugar, acid, pH levels) and the grape is disposed in small cases.

- the vineyards are treated as independent productive units, each one distinct according to climate, altitude, aspect, microclimate, soil composition, and variety