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Tradition and Modernity


Riccardo with the oenologist Stefano Chioccioli share the same philosophy about to make great and outstanding wines three elements are the most important: to work hardly in the vineyards because the viticulture represents the element of qualitative production; modern and excellent techniques inside of the Winery; ageing of the wines.

The vineyards

All operations in the vineyard are carried out by hand with the utmost attention so that each of the 6.500 vines per hectare will produce only a few bunches of grapes, each one with the full expression of the plant.



Once obtained the ripening of the grapes, the second phase of the qualitative pipeline is represented by the oenology, which must enhance and interpret the work done in the vineyard. The oenological technical must succeed in pulling out the qualitative components of grapes in such a way to obtain a harmonious wine.


The ageing

The use of French barrels completes the ageing of the wine. We use exclusively oak barriques with different woods at medium toasting. The final ageing in bottle is another component of premium quality that distinguishes our wines reflecting the complex of terroirs.