A tribute to the land of Cortona and good drink. Wine, grappa, extra virgin olive oil. You can now buy our products online.

Oil and Wine

The Wine


Unique wines, which are able to express Riccardo's passion and sensibility, the elegance of territory, the combination of aristocratic perfumes with dense and pleasant tastes, which keep evolving for long, long years.

Just three wines are part of Cortona Doc: Smeriglio Syrah, Smeriglio Merlot and Smeriglio Sangiovese in which the varietals aromas have the maximum expression.

The names of the wines reflect the passion for falconry, Smeriglio and Astore are names of falcons, very attentive and full of passion, Ardito instead defines the character of the falcon, fearless and brave.



Extra-virgin olive oil


The cultivation of olive trees in our beautiful hills has very ancientorigins: it seems that olives were already being cultivated until theage of the Etruscans.The position of our own olive groves is one ofthe best in the area. The olives are plucked from the trees when theyare still green and are immediately pressed with millstones of granite.

Then, the cold pressing system allows to maintain in the product all thenutritional qualities of the olives. Only following this workmanshipwe can have this pure Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil. The color is vividgreen, fruity, with artichoke flavour , a little bit spicy and practically
without acidity (0,02 %) Excellent to season raw or warm dishes,giving them its definite fragrance