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The Baracchi estate covers 60 hectares of land, 22 of which are planted with vineyards. These are divided into three plots, all at about 300mt in altitude with a southern exposure that lets the grapes fully matures. The rootstock, essential for vine survival, is selected on the base of vigour, drought resistance, and suitability to the geologically-diverse Cortona soils.

The choice of grape variety, is based on the morphological and physiological characteristics of the vine, such as balanced foliage, loose clusters, thick grape skin, and good resistance to adverse weather.
Traditional vineyard layout of 3,200 vines per hectare (1295/acre) in Valdichiana, while new plantings have 6.250 vines/hectare (2200/acre), on a 80x200 cm grid



San Martino

San martino where the Winery is located, 300 m altitude, has sandy soil and it produces Syrah and Sangiovese very elegant and ethereal.




Gabbiano between Cortona and Montepulciano where the lands derive from Pliocene marl, with clayey, chalky elements and are situated at an altitude of 350m, enjoying warm days and cool nights during the growing phase. The main productions are Syrah and Cabernet, both very complex and full bodied.




Montanare where on the green and beautiful hills was fought the famous second Punic war between Romans and Carthaginians.
It is a clean and sunny valley about 400m altitude, with a calcareous soil, Sangiovese, Merlot and Pinot Noir have the maximum expression with great structure and perfumes.
The Trebbiano variety was planted more then 40 years ago still produces elegant and mineral wines.